heartIt is important what you eat

It is even more important what you feel after.

The food that is served to you, it is also served to my family.


Kebab refers to a variety of meat dishes in Mediterranean cuisines, consisting of grilled meats wrapped in bread accompanied by several vegetables.

These normally include: Lettuce (aids digestion and promotes liver health, it can also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cataracts), Tomatoes (excellent source of vitamin A and C), Garlic (very good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C also contains amino acid which scientists believe has antibiotic and bactericidal effects), Onions (lowers cholesterol, fights chronic bronchitis, infections, hay fever and asthma), Chillies (high in antioxidants that helps with digestion), Carrots (lowers the risk of cancer, lowers blood cholesterol, prevents constipation, helpful for general nervousness, asthma, skin disorders and vision) Parsley (contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much iron as spinach, is rich in vitamin A and is also recognized for its cancer-fighting potential), Fresh Lemon juice (has alphahydroxy acids - it works at eliminating dead skin and helps in the growth of new skin cells), Saffron (curing respiratory problems, helps treat acne and skin diseases, reduce inflammation, used in the treatment of alcoholism), Basil (the unique array of active constituents called flavanoids found in basil provides protection at the cellular level), Mint (packed with strong antioxidants, contains vitamin A, calcium, folatepotassium and phosphorus), Capsicum (contains antioxidant properties that help to neutralize the free radicals which are responsible for damaging cells and tissues. It has anti- inflammatory properties and also helps in reducing cholesterol levels) and Tarmik (useful for depression and mental disorders and also an anti-oxidant).

Chicken and meat kebabs are the most popular but vegetarian kebabs are also available.

Red meat is a source of iron and contains protein, levels of creatine, minerals such as zinc and phosphorus and vitamins such as niacin and vitamin B. Red meat is also a rich source of Alpha LipoicAcid, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Chicken is a very good source of the cancer protective B vitamin, selenium. Selenium is of utmost importance to human health. Chicken contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and all 9 essential amino acids. It is also a fantastic source of vitamin E, vitamin A equivalents, thiamine and magnesium and delivers significant amounts of niacin equivalents.

The Kebab is a very healthy meal and has become part of everyday cuisine in multicultural countries around the globe.

*All These ingredients are provided in your meal